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Katie McLean

A free-spirited visionary and a heart-centered guide, Katie, with an artist's soul, fills her days following her creative inspiration and trusting in divine providence. She is a mother to two beloved young men and several pampered fur babies, whom she enjoys nurturing.

In the realm of astrology, Katie has been blessed by the stars with a spiritually aligned Pisces sun, a nurturing Cancer rising, and a deeply curious Gemini moon.

In numerology, Katie's life path as a 7 signifies introspection and expansion, while her personality as a Master 11 reflects a spiritual and vividly imaginative nature. Her soul urge as a Master 22 is both creatively charged and meticulously organised.

Katie's life journey has been a series of twists and turns, transitioning from a career in sales management to fully embracing her soul's calling.

Apart from her innate ethereal talents, Katie holds a Double Diploma in Holistic Counseling and certifications in numerology, tarot, energy healing, flower essences, dream analysis, spiritual astrology, guided meditation, and more.

Gratefully acknowledging her co-creators and the wonderful community of clients who share her journey of multidimensionality, healing, and self-discovery, Katie cherishes the magic of connection and growth.


+61 478 535 637

Katie is dedicated to helping others realise their true potential. Connect and create a space to explore and awaken your inner strength, power and wisdom. Together with Katie and her Ethereal and Helenic communities you can create positive shifts that will bring more joy, fulfilment and connection in your life.

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