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Katie McLean

Step into the enchanting, wondrous and wizened world of Katie, a free-spirited seer and way-shower with an artist's heart. She adorns her personal days with a kaleidoscope of passions, from exploring to cooking, reading and gardening. She dances to the rhythm of her creative muse, writing, making, drawing, and designing, while embracing the beauty of non-attachment to material things and living with blind faith in the Divine.


In the realm of astrology, the stars have bestowed upon her a spiritually driven Pisces sun, a loving Cancer rising, and a highly inquisitive Gemini moon. Her life path, a 7, is marked by introspection and expansion, while her personality, a Master 11, is spiritual and flamboyantly imaginative. Her soul urge, a Master 22, is electrically creative and highly structured. With this constellation of gifts, she finds herself blessed, walking towards her merry purpose.


Her journey has been one of twists and turns, with a career in sales and service before leaping into her soul's truth work. Her passion for creating Sage Feather jewelry amulets began as a hobby, a way to walk through some of the biggest emotional and mindset healing. It evolved into a practice that challenged her creative talents, invigorating her with a sense of Earth consciousness and support for the slow fashion movement. 

Apart from her innate and expansive ethereal gifts, Katie has a Double Diploma in Holistic Counselling along with certificates in numerology, tarot, breathwork, energy healing, flower essences, dream analysis, spiritual astrology, guided meditation and more.


With gratitude, she acknowledges the co-creators who have walked with her and the beautiful community of clients who share her magical path of multidimensionality, healing, and self-realization. For Katie, life is a canvas painted with the mastery of aloneness and hues of her passions, guided by the stars, and imbued with love.


Katie is dedicated to helping others realise their true potential. Connect and create a space to explore and awaken your inner strength, power and wisdom. Together with Katie and her Ethereal community you can create positive shifts that will bring more joy, fulfilment and connection in your life.

+61 478 535 637

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