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Image by Krystal Ng
Image by Chris Brignola
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Bespoke Sigils & Soul Business Logos

Katie connects with the highest realm to bring through personalised sigil art for benevolent vibrational transference.  

A sigil is an alchemical symbol. The word itself comes from the Latin "sigillum" which means "seal."  A  sigil is a pictorial signature, the shape and colour symbolism is read by the subconscious mind for transformation & healing.

Why get a custom Sigil?

Your motivation may be for personal ascension, or to use with clients as a tool to assist your light based work. As a logo it's the energetic signature of your business.

Your consultation is a free, no obligation Zoom chat.

Logo's are digitally produced and emailed as a PNG file. Sigils are hand drawn on A3 220GSM paper and posted.

Sigil $600 plus postage

Logo $800
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