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Litha :  Asta Wheel Ritual
Litha :  Asta Wheel Ritual

Fri, Dec 20



Litha : Asta Wheel Ritual

Rejoicing in the endless beauty of the world around us

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Time & Location

Dec 20, 2024, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Glenroy, Glenroy VIC 3046, Australia

About the event

As the grand wheel of the year turns, the enchanting festival of Litha beckons. This wondrous celebration marks the longest day of the year, heralding the arrival of summer and the sun's peak radiance. A time of abundant joy, when the earth is awash with vibrant hues, and the daylight's caress lingers long into twilight. Litha beckons us to revel in the splendor of nature, to give thanks for life's bountiful blessings and to embrace the vibrant energies that surround us.

Traditionally, Litha is a time of great festivity, celebrated with outdoor rituals that honor the sun's warmth and power. The flickering light of bonfires and the aroma of savory feasts fill the air, while the floral beauty of sunflowers and daisies adorn the revelry. Litha is a time of endless possibilities, a time when the sun's beaming energy is believed to kindle the flames of love and fertility, making it a popular season for pagan weddings and handfastings.

Above all, Litha is a time of deep reflection, a time to honor the natural cycles of the earth and embrace the endless potential for renewal and growth. As the sun reaches its zenith, we are reminded of the inexorable turning of the wheel, and the ever-shifting tides of life

Our Litha Celebration

Embrace the suns peak radiance, and join Katie in the Sisters of Asta for a lovely celebration to give thanks for lifes bountiful blessings.


  • Katie has beckoned forth a grand celebration of our paths and growths. She request that each of us weave a tapestry of our journey, inscribing the essence of our transformation on parchment. Let our words be an offering, a sacred gift bestowed upon the gathering. As the stars align in the year of 2024, we shall unite once again, celebrating the magic of our growth and the bonds of our kinship. As we gather under the embrace of the divine energies, we shall reflect upon the past months that have brought both abundance and tribulations to our lives. With the wisdom of the season, we shall allow that which no longer serves us to fall away, naturally and effortlessly.


  • We shall celebrate the bountiful Litha harvest with a grand feast of a summer citrus salad and a green herb frittata, conjured with the magic of the season.

Gifting Ritual

  • We shall share in a wondrous rite of giving. Bring forth a personal treasure or trinket that, once dear to your heart, now seeks a new home. This is the secret Santa's call. Let the magic of the season guide your selection, and watch as your treasure brings joy to another.


  • Litha

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