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Ethereal Journeys

Katie channels powerful shamanic journeys that allow you to experience what it is you require in the moment for your vibrational wellbeing and healing. You might visit other realms, meet your power animals, go to your sacred inner sanctuary, and adventure through many wondrous escapades.


Katie's voice is coded with healing frequencies which easily lull you into a deeply meditative state,  Shamanic Journeys with Katie are a beautiful tool enabling you to gain healing, lightness of being, balance,  personal empowerment, and new insight.

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"Many shamans say that we are dreaming the wrong dream. We live with the illusions that we are separate from nature, separate from the spiritual realms, and victims of our life and environment. These illusions are seeds that grow into plants of fear, anger, hate, despair, and darkness. It is time to weed out these plants of illusion from our garden and plant new seeds. . . . Let's dream a dream that embraces love, harmony, connection to all, and, most important, joy." 

"Empower Yourself: Take a Shamanic Journey"

Shamanic Journey with Katie is a one-hour session that includes an initial assessment of your current energy and setting of your intention for the journey. During the journey, Katie will guide you through a healing process and help you to access your inner wisdom. At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to share your journey experience with Katie for added wisdom and insight.

Investment $85 per session.

Sessions are via Zoom

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.


During my shamanic session I felt nurtured and supported. My journey was profound to what were my wounds of being safe in the past, I highly recommend this healing as Katie works organically with what is guided from Spirit, you just need to be ready to open and receive.

Emma Murray

Thank you Katie McLean for an amazing journey you took me  on today, it was amazing. I saw my Divine Feminine goddess who I've been searching for some time. My masculine energy always takes over and doesn't allow her to be seen, now they are working together and are in harmony with one another.
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