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Image by Krystal Ng
Image by Chris Brignola
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Bespoke Amulets

Your divinely guided personalised amulet is where spirituality and alchemy meet art,  a Divine energy transference channeled from the highest realm, handmade and invoked with light language by Katie.

When Katie channels your amulet, she is creating a tangible form of light language. 

The amulet does come with a reading of its vibrational qualities but it is so much more than our words can ever possibly issue, for each amulet is a muti dimensional, high frequency piece of wearable soul signature. They instantly and indescribably engage activation.


Amulets can be worn and also used in a space that is the desired sphere of influence. 


What's the Process?

Connect with Katie for an obligation free, 30-minute Zoom Consultation for the magic to begin.      


$450 plus materials & postage
Untitled design (88).png


This is "Callista" keeper of the new way, with a numerology soul urge of 11, she is the embodiment of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine essences.

Silver and Turquoise vintage Tibetan locket with amazonite and glass beads.




Look what I just had delivered this afternoon from the talented Katie McLean. Her name is Seleste.


Welcome Practical Magic

Balance of the Masculine practicality with the Divine feminine flow and this is the vortex for the highest point of manifestation.

How excited am I.

I put Seleste on and Katie McLean and I went for a walk on the waters edge where she activated Seleste with her light language, a gorgeous song I got to record for future boosts when required.

This whole process has been so amazing, it's now a priceless memory. 

With a powerful piece to enhance all work and frequencies, it's amazing. 

To all my beautiful clients

You are welcome

As you too will be shared this powerful codes

Debra J Hicks

Soul Purpose Specialist


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