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Ethereal Spiritualism

Allow Katie to lead you on a profound pathway of spiritual healing and exploration. As a Highest Realm Vocalist, Seer, Wayshower, and Shamanic Healer, Katie works with the healing vibration of Christ Consciousness and wisdom of the Way of Love to assist you on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

Your vibration is your point of magnetism, an Ethereal Session is organically and authentically invested in achieving your holistic wellbeing and highest possible frequency.

Experience the Ethereal Magic

"Unlock your potential with Ethereal - magical tools for creative freedom."

 Ethereal sessions with Katie are a holistic and spiritual experience that may offer you multidimensional wisdom, shamanic healing, universal law, light language, tarot, oracle, and numerology. This co-creation with Katie will provide you with the vibrational wellness that you need in the moment. Opening to this connection with your higher self gifts you the keys to Universal guidance and all it has to offer. 

Book an Appointment

Are you ready to embark on an Ethereal Session journey with Katie? To secure your spot, we only ask for a 25% ($50) booking fee. This is non-refundable but guarantees your place. The remainder of your balance will be due just 24 hours before your session date. Get in touch with Bek, Katie's trusted ally and all-round precious person, to schedule your Ethereal Session.

Investment $200 per hour plus part thereof Sessions are in-person Melbourne, or via Zoom

Sharon Jeffries

I received a Magikal reading from Katie, filled with joy and insight, and a couple of hard to swallow truths that helped me rebalance. I resonate deeply with Katie & fully recommend her. She has so much to offer & really comes from the right heart/soul place (which is always most important for me) ... and she's friendly ad very funny ...

Debra J Hicks

Just returned from a double session with Katie. Each session is a different experience with the Divine as the entire process is channeled for who I am and becoming, each session is a seed of Divine flow. I am currently feeling so blissed out, ready for a deep sleep to integrate it all. Thank you for your spiritual guidance Katie you have certainly highlighted my path forward.

Anne West

That feeling of being home and comfortable continued with Katie's light language. When she touched me I could feel frisson after frisson in my aura. I asked for healing and from the moment of that touch all I could see was green billowing light. I got that healing alright!

K Roberts

Whenever I have had a session with Katie it's just like having a chat with someone who has known me for my whole life. She is very down to earth and makes me feel comfortable, and I am always blown away by her accuracy, she is always spot on. I highly recommend Katie.
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