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Arriving in July 2024

Spiritual Massage

Unveil the Sacred Within You 

Welcome to Spiritual Massage, a unique spiritual journey crafted exclusively for women. Katie blends the soothing touch of relaxation massage with the profound energy of her healing principles. Immerse yourself in an experience that not only relaxes the body but also nourishes the soul. Sacred Massage is your sanctuary for deep, holistic healing and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Exploring the Realm of Spiritual Bodywork

Uncover the power of healing through conscious touch and spiritual unity. Here's a glimpse into what you can anticipate during a Spiriutal Massage with Katie.

A Guide to Spiritual Massage Options


Spiritual Massage

Opt for a Spiritual Massage to indulge in a serene 60-minute journey that combines relaxation massage techniques with carefully chosen essential oils.


Experience the harmonious blend of energy healing, light language, and sound healing.

Investment $145

Relaxation Massage without Light Language Transference and Sound Healing - $100.00

Amphritite Massage

Embark on a Spiritual Massage Journey, complete with a Sacred Salt Scrub.

Venture into the realm of the Divine with the Amphitrite Massage. This 90-minute journey offers more than just a massage—it's a transformative experience. You'll begin with a sacred salt scrub ritual that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin, followed by Katie's signature Spiritual Massage.


As an Olympian deity, Amphitrite embodies immortal life, omnipresence, superior strength, shape-shifting, and instant relocation. Just like the goddess Amphitrite, this massage transcends the ordinary, promising a re-birthig experience of celestial magnitude.

Investment $185

Salt Scrub Massage.png

Panacea Massage

Immerse yourself in the Spiritual Massage realm with the introduction of warmed herbal spheres, designed for profound healing.

Panacea, pronounced pa-nuh-see-uh, is a name deeply rooted in herbal lore and medicinal history. This goddess, renowned for her unique healing herb, was a beacon of hope and healing. As she was invoked during the creation of salves and medicines, her spirit is invoked in this session.

This treatment intertwines the traditional offerings found in Katie's regular Spiritual Massage with the unique addition of Herbal balls rather than essential oils. These spheres of wellness, handcrafted by Katie herself, are filled with organic herbs. Warmed in a bath of rosewater, they are then tenderly applied to the body, using a sequence of movements that are exclusive to this rejuvenating therapy.

Investment $185

Pasithea Massage

Picture a spiritual journey that commences with a deeply calming massage and culminates in a guided meditation, all while you're enveloped in the warmth of a therapeutic blanket handcrafted by Katie.

Pasithea, an enchanting deity of ancient Greek mythology, held dominion over states of tranquility, meditation, and varying levels of consciousness. This 90 minute session masterfully intertwines elements of Katie's unique Spiritual Massage, culminating in a meditative voyage that transports you to that potent, elusive boundary between alertness and sleep. Katie's voice, imbued with healing codes, escorts you through a guided mental journey designed to induce a state of psychic sleep for the benefits of profound relaxation, stress mitigation, heightened concentration, emotional healing, and spiritual advancement.

Investment $160

Welcome to Sacred Massage, a unique spiritual journey crafted exclusively for women. Katie

Book an Appointment

Are you ready to embark on a Spiritual Massage  journey with Katie? To secure your spot, we only ask for a 25% booking fee. This is non-refundable but guarantees your place. The remainder of your balance will be due just 24 hours before your session date. Get in touch with Bek, Katie's trusted ally and all-round precious person, to schedule your Spiritual Massage Session.

Sessions are in-person, Glenroy, Melbourne.

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