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Want to Know a Secret?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Joy is your Divine birthright and completely required in the cosmic soup.

My contention within this is the joy that comes from actively expressing your sovereign life purpose. Ever noticed that you have things in your experience that bubble along of their own accord, seemingly existing with very little focus or effort, with random synchronicity calling you back into their fold time and time again? One personal example would be my Sage Feather upcycled jewellery designs. It was originally just a little thing I did to pass the time to unwind from the stress of a corporate job, being the breadwinner as a single mother, being solely responsible for two beautiful sons and to heal from a soul destroying marriage.

Throughout the years, I would pick it up and put it down, no matter how little focus I gave it, friends of friends of friends would randomly search me out to donate their unwanted jewellery. I also had people that would collect jars and offer them to me for storing the beads. There were always little things that would fall into my lap to lead me back. Until I realised that this was just one of the things waiting for my exploration and my focused attention, which once received, exploded into mind, body, soul abundance and prosperity.

This abundance can only happen when you free the energy up by relaxing on the urge to jump over hurdles and through hoops to do the things you think you "should" be doing for whatever reason your ego might be compelling. Jumping though hoops and over hurdles is wonderful when it's a joyful and soul satisfying experience, and not so wonderful when it is draining the life out of you, depleting your energy and blowing your flame out.

Here is just one little example; you did the course so you need to work in that field or offer that service no matter what it does for your vibration. Acting simply because your ego says, if you don't forge on then all that time, effort and dollars are wasted. What if, you did the course to heal something within you, to learn a new skill that will unlock something else down the track in Divine timing? What if it was to close out some karmic thread, or to meet an important member of your souls tribe? In actual fact, it might not even be about you at all, you may have done the course or the "thing" because your presence triggered, taught, and/or healed another soul onto there Divine path. The Universe weaves a mysterious web of synchronisations, of which, you are sometimes simply being in the service of it's machinations. That last "what if" is actually the concept of unity consciousness; everything we do is a mechanism in the the universal weave of alchemy to allow the Divine plan of LOVE.

That is just one small example in the scheme of your ego that could be driving you away from your soul purpose, desire and joy. Stop for a moment and take a look at the thing or things that are bubbling along in the background with little of your "drive." Maybe you might consider them as little whispers from the Universe saying "Pssst, over here, over here!" Firstly, know that the unseen forces have been driving them in your absence, keeping them afloat, because they are important for you and that universal web of Divine alchemy. Secondly, consider how much joy those things, pass-times, and creations bring you, or the very fact that you might be overlooking the joy because you are so focused on manipulating other things into being.

Perhaps the things that bubble along of their own accord feel to be such a personal essence of your being that would require great stretching of your will to be brave enough and step out of your hiding place into the spotlight. Comfort zones don't shine you, comfort zones are the poor cousin of the ego, co-creating your obedience to keep you feeling safe, and also; stifled.

Maybe it's the world, the false matrix, had you believing that these secret little gifts of yours could never shine in it's big and very serious arena, and that in fact the things that will keep you afloat are not always enjoyable, quite likely barely palatable and hideously arduous. Well hats off to the matrix because it constructed a convincing model that we can sometimes very innocently commit to, which in fact lowers our vibration. The matrix wants the frequency of the planet and it's beautiful creative souls at a barely audible heartbeat of a boring humdrum rhythm, completely controllable because it is devoid of magic. Alchemy cannot be controlled for it has a rhythm all of it's own coming from the expression of each unique soul. It is heart and soul driven, it is faithfully spontaneous, momentary and inexplicable.

This magical and very beautiful Multiverse that we are a special spark within, is asking for us to quieten the mind and be brave enough to set aside what the old world has indoctrinated so that we can wholeheartedly believe in miracles and magic. It is calling for us to follow the path of bliss and joy in our work and purpose, so that the soup of The All have the opportunity to benefit from each unique souls heightened vibration and sparkly Divine light.

Take a second glance at the quiet little things that are omnipresent, even without your focus, just doing their thing in the background waiting for you to notice, or waiting for you to give yourself permission to feel joy in what you do. It might be totally impractical to drop everything else and focus entirely on this joy mission, but that doesn't mean you can't get the momentum happening by giving it more of your focus and opening up the space for it to breathe and expand. When you offer it more of your focus and it sparks your joy, the alignment invites the universe to pull out all stops to support the process of growing it, because the truth is: JOY is your Divine Birthright.

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