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A Walk of Faith

Navigating a walk through the shadows.

I sense the current energies are calling for us to #surrender with #faith. The way through shadows June is up. This month is a time of co-creation with our higher selves. If you have found this outside of June 2022, and it is resonating, then welcome with love to divine timing at play.

Where do we find our higher selves? We find them in #meditation, in #nature, when we #journal, each time we #create. We find them in solo pursuits of stillness and creativity.

This is a walk of faith, have faith. Have faith over hope, for hope is the absence of faith. Hope is an alignment with the benevolent hand of the Creator. Faith is trust within your own power as the seed of Creator. Look fear in the face with love in your eyes, everything outside of love is an illusion.

Fear surfaces to warn you that this path is too steep, and that you should retreat. Have faith that the shadows surfacing are ready to be purged and the walk through the dark night of the soul is on a pathway with a big white neon sign that reads "the higher path to lightness of being."

Dark night of the soul is the storm that heralds the calm, it is the mud that the lotus blooms from and it is what the soul comes to Earth to do. The soul comes to learn and teach, remember and activate, this is a process of #ascension, the road to Mastery, and no-one else can choose to do it for you but you. Each time we #master ourselves, master our own journey we are in fact elevating the #consciousness of the planet and assisting the ascension of all the beautiful souls walking along side of us. Each one of us is a student teacher. Look into the storm with gratitude for its enlightenment, know that your higher self is holding you in each moment, flanked by your guides and all the benevolent beings of rainbow light. You are never alone.

Blessed be you and the path you walk. If you are feeling like you need assistance to regain balance, my Shamanic Harmonising sessions are available both in-person Melbourne, Australia or online.

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