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All Doors Open

Being Sovereign in Spiritual Service.

When you are in service to the greater good and you show up in complete sovereignty, all doors open.

When you are using the gifts that you were born with, and you are in faith that you will be supported by the universe as the exchange for sharing your gifts, all doors open.

When you choose to inject love and joy into all you think, say, be, do and intend, all doors open.

When you are committed to self love , in the understanding that vibration lifts the frequency of all things in your vortex, all doors open.

When at the heart of everything you are of the understanding that you are a Divine spark of Creator, all doors open.

When you surrender to the benevolent blueprint that your Higher Self agreed to, all doors open.

When you stop hunting, and start being in the Divine flow, all doors open.

When you are grateful for abundance being your experience and lose the need to be driven and consume life materialistically, all doors open.

When you are still enough to see the unexpected, unusual and synchronised ways your needs are met, you will see all the doors opening.

When you are in gratitude for every little thing, able to see benevolence in all experiences, all doors open.

When you are spiritually mature enough to discover the difference between distorted masculine and distorted feminine energies within, and integrate their Divine aspects to harmonise with Father Mother God, all doors open.

Distorted coercion, gimmicks, manipulation and silver tongues are misplaced within the field of the sovereign light-worker. Love, faith, humility, and joy are the true model.

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