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The name Aalia means "to ascend"


This beautiful amulet has the harmonising attributes of all five elements; earth, fire, water, air and spirit.


The earth element provides stability, groundedness and being rooted. Earth is invoked into Aalia by the presence of  turqouise and green coloured crystals such as howlite, and the earthy tones in the wooden beds and the little cone shells.

Water element provides flow, flexibility and peacefulness. Water is invoked into Aalia with shells, pearls and puau shell pendants, along with the oceanic colours of other elements. 


Fire element provides passion, vitality and expansion. Fire is invoked into this amulet with the use of tiny "fire-sticks" which have been engraved with wood burning art.

Air element gifts inspiration, change and movement. Air is invoked into Aalia with the injection of all the pallette of grey and silvery tones, along with the remnants of silk and other pendants which represent movement.

Spirit element is all-encompassing, all other elements arise from it. Spirit is invisible and essential for the connection and balance of all other elements. Spirit is what is called forth into the amulet by the ritual of Katie channelling and creating her. It is also present simply as all other elements are present within Aalia. The small shell discs in Aalia are a visual symbolism of the presence of Spirit.


The 5 strands of Aalia commemorate the presence of 5 elements.


The name Aalia has a numerology expresion number of 6 with its vibration of love and the titile of "Cosmic Mother Father."




Please check approximate measurements provided to ensure this piece is suitable. Most pieces can be resized for a fee, please contact Katie to enquire.


5 Strand necklace

Shortest length approx end to end.

Longest strand approx 94cm end to end.

Paua Shell pendants range in length from approx 3.5 - 5cm.


All items are pre-loved or reclaimed materials, shells, freshwater pearls, howlite, wood, silk, and glass.


New clasp

  • Antique gold coloured base metal.


  • Tips for taking care of your Sage Feather jewellery.

    Taking care of jewellery is a matter of doing things around the right way and taking time to check and store it with care. Sage Feather/Katie McLean believes the following to be a good guideline to caring for jewellery.

    • Put jewellery on last after clothing, skincare, makeup and hair product.

    • Remove jewellery before undressing.

    • Metals in jewellery can tarnish, this will appear as a dark discolouration to jewellery. Avoiding moisture, air and chemicals help prevent oxidization. Tarnished Sterling Silver (925 Silver) can be cleaned with a polishing silver cloth.

    • Jewellery components can become loose and strung jewellery can fray with normal wear and tear. It is good practice to  check jewellery for loose pieces or open links etc when dressing and undressing to avoid damage and loss, and have any loose pieces fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage or loss.

    • Ideally, jewellery would be stored in the pouch it was provided or in another secure container that will prevent it from movement and contact with other jewellery.