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In the cosmic tapestry of souls, Mary Magdalene's threads shimmer with the radiance of a Master Soul. Her essence is woven with the golden strands of infinite compassion, a tenacious purpose, and the ability to forge profound bonds with others. Her teachings are a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards forgiveness, seizing opportunities, and the law of multitudes - where the veils of perception are lifted, and truth is unveiled. Her enigmatic presence is a labyrinth of wonder, multifaceted, and multidimensional, intertwined with the unique essence of individual journeys, contracts, agreements, and ascension. The Magdalena vibration beckons you to embrace a heart-centered approach to every facet of your existence, anchor into your heart and embark on a pathway of love that leads to divine transcendence.

Magdalena Sigil Poster

  • Glossy Finish; coated paper with a semi glossy, smooth surface.

    A3 size (29.7 x 42cm)



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