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Nala is an amulet that honours the ever empowering void. Sanskrit translates the name Nala to "stem, hollow reed." and in Swahili it means queen, lion and successful woman.


The skull is the home of the mind symbolising higher knowledge and ageless wisdom. As the skull is a 'barren" bone it can be seen as an "open mind" completely free to be receptive to wisdom without limitation.


Skulls represent syclical force and are symbolic of the connection between the spiritual and the physical realm, therefore invoking the ability to transcend limitations and find higher meaning. 


They are associated with the ability to defeat the odds, overcome obstacles, and recognize and deal with danger bravely and boldly. Skull symbolism is linked in with warrior spirits, representing personal power with the ability to conquer fear and rise above adversity.


The numerology of Nala is;  Expression 1, Soul Urge 2 and Personality 8 which invokes the traits of  independance, sensitivity and empowerment.



Please check approximate measurements provided to ensure this piece is suitable. Most pieces can be resized for a fee, please contact Katie to enquire.


3 Strand necklace

Shortest length approx53 cm end to end.

Longest strand approx 60cm end to end.

Skull pendants are approx 1.5 x 2 cm


All items are pre-loved or reclaimed materials, wooden beads,dyed howlite skulls, base metal beads.


New clasp

  • Antique gold coloured base metal.


  • Tips for taking care of your Sage Feather jewellery.

    Taking care of jewellery is a matter of doing things around the right way and taking time to check and store it with care. Sage Feather/Katie McLean believes the following to be a good guideline to caring for jewellery.

    • Put jewellery on last after clothing, skincare, makeup and hair product.

    • Remove jewellery before undressing.

    • Metals in jewellery can tarnish, this will appear as a dark discolouration to jewellery. Avoiding moisture, air and chemicals help prevent oxidization. Tarnished Sterling Silver (925 Silver) can be cleaned with a polishing silver cloth.

    • Jewellery components can become loose and strung jewellery can fray with normal wear and tear. It is good practice to  check jewellery for loose pieces or open links etc when dressing and undressing to avoid damage and loss, and have any loose pieces fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage or loss.

    • Ideally, jewellery would be stored in the pouch it was provided or in another secure container that will prevent it from movement and contact with other jewellery.