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Meet "Phoenix," a name steeped in Greek folklore, where it's a bird of magnificence, known for its cyclical rebirth.


Skulls, in their spiritual symbolism, echo our mortality, the fleeting nature of human existence, and the certainty of death. Yet, they also embody the soul's dwelling and the mind, serving as a nod to our inner selves and the voyage beyond our physical life. Crosses in this amulet allude to "carrying the cross," which signifies enduring pain and suffering and using these experiences for transformation.


Linking the Phoenix with the spiritual symbolism of the skull and cross  in the Phoenix amulet weaves a deep narrative about metamorphosis and renewal. While the skull underscores the conclusion of one life stage, the Phoenix personifies the assurance of fresh starts and the spirit's everlasting evolution. Collectively, they depict the balance between life's transience and the soul's ongoing presence, fostering self-reflection and spiritual development.


This amulet, Phoenix, ushers in new cycles, faith in benevolence, and transformation.



Please check approximate measurements provided to ensure this piece is suitable. Most pieces can be resized for a fee, please contact Katie to enquire.


3 Strand necklace

Shortest Length approx 51 cm end to end.



All items are pre-loved or reclaimed materials; metals, wooden beads, glass seed beands, dyed howlite crosses, skull and beads, faux suede.



  • New Clasp; silver coloured parrot clasps.


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