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An amulet for the journey through the shadows with faith to the arrival of self awareness, higher alignment and love. The name Shalem is a Hebrew name meaning "peace" or "complete" 


Shalem, the name has a numerology soul urge of 6, the number of aligning with love. 


A stirling silver dragonly pendant with Garnets brings with it the dragonly medicine of transformation from the ability to see through illusion. Garnets are associated with the heart, inner fire, and life force, garnets are considered symbols of love.


Freshwater pearls are also a symbol of transformation, they harmonise all primary chakras.


Small pewter pinecones invoke the pineal gland, our all seeing, all knowing eye. 


Tiny pewter butterflies bring with them their transformational journey to freedom and new beginings.



Please check approximate measurements provide to ensure this piece is suitable. Most pieces can be resized for a fee, please contact Katie to enquire.


2 strand necklace. Shortest strand end to end is approx 44cm. Longest strand end to end is approx 97cm. 

All beads and pendants are upcycled. Stirling Silver toggle clasp is new. 


  • Tips for taking care of your Sag Feather jewellery.

    Taking care of jewellery is a matter of doing things around the right way and taking time to check and store it with care. Sage Feather/Katie McLean believes the following to be a good guideline to caring for jewellery.

    • Put jewellery on last after clothing, skincare, makeup and hair product.

    • Remove jewellery before undressing.

    • Metals in jewellery can tarnish, this will appear as a dark discolouration to jewellery. Avoiding moisture, air and chemicals help prevent oxidization. Tarnished Sterling Silver (925 Silver) can be cleaned with a polishing silver cloth.

    • Jewellery components can become loose and strung jewellery can fray with normal wear and tear. It is good practice to  check jewellery for loose pieces or open links etc when dressing and undressing to avoid damage and loss, and have any loose pieces fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage or loss.

    • Ideally, jewellery would be stored in the pouch it was provided or in another secure container that will prevent it from movement and contact with other jewellery.

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