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OOAK divinely guided and handmade by Katie. 
Where Spirituality Meets Wearable Art

You have entered the realm of Katie's Sage Feather jewellery collection,  behold the magic of each unique piece, where recycled and new materials are woven together in a tapestry that is both spellbinding and mindful of Mother Earth. Every gem is a masterpiece of enchantment and a reflection of your own journey, each bestowed with spiritual messages that resonate with the very essence of your being. The touch of love and care is evident in every curve and contour of these OOAK treasures, where attention to detail is key and positive energy flows through every fiber. With each Sage Feather piece, you are enveloping yourself in a world of wonder and magic.

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Injecting New Life

Hello, my name is Katie McLean,  I am the Creatrix here at Sage Feather and the Australian Designer for the Rejewel Collective. We are a collaborative effort of international makers focused on waste reduction within the fashion world.  

I believe in the importance of local community and artisan initiatives over industrial manufacturing processes. My recreations support the transparency of the slow fashion movement.


I hand make my eternal treasures using a mix of pre-loved and new elements. Upcycling is an exciting process. I love injecting new life into broken, or unloved trinkets and creating space for them to find a heart in a new home.


Enjoy investigating my Sage Feather online shop, I welcome you to hop on and chat with me about any questions or suggestions you may have, I would love to hear from you! 


Penny McKenzie

This exquisite piece of jewellery art was channeled by the incredible Sage Feather, the beautiful energy it radiates brings me so much joy when I wear it. Feeling very blessed.

Debra Hicks

Look what I just had delivered this afternoon from the talented Katie McLean. Her name is Seleste.  Welcome Practical Magic. How excited am I?  Katie McLean and I went for a walk on the waters edge where she activated Seleste with her light language. This whole process has been so amazing, it's now a priceless memory, with a powerful piece to enhance all work and frequencies, it's amazing. 

Julie Ryswyk

My original Meredith amulet created by Katie is now a coupling of necklace and braelet. Katie receated her original work as she said the amulet is blossoming in tune with me on my souls journey. She is soooo divine... thank you, thank you, thankyou.

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Melbourne Victoria Australia

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