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Multidimensional products created by Katie for vibrational wellbeing.

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A sigil is an alchemical symbol. The word itself comes from the Latin "sigillum" which means "seal." It's also the root of the words “signature,” and “signal.” 


Sigils are a pictorial signature of  shape, and colour symbolism, read by the subconscious mind to trigger transformation.


The sigils in the Akisha Arcturus shop have been created by Katie, they are Divinely guided with the intention of benevolent energy transference.


You can invoke a sigils energy simply by looking at it, placing it in your personal space, or on your altar. It can be beneficial to hold it to your person as you meditate or to place it as a coaster beneath your drinking water to activate it with the vibration of the sigil.

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Rebecca McDonald

Owner at Connect Your Soul

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Good Morning. Just wanted to let you know Innana sigil spoke to me today YAY. This is the message...


Go within

Go deep within

Look into your soul

See what you see

Feel what you feel


Do not be afraid

We are here

Universal Wisdom is within you

See us, feel us, hear us

We are here

Innana is beautiful and the energy feels like it's holding me.