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Ethereal Sanctum

Anchoring the Way of Love with Katie McLean

The celestial motion of the universe will always beckon you towards a path of enlightenment. With Katie McLean's Ethereal Sanctum offerings, you can explore  mystical artistry intnded to lead you towards a realm of clarity, healing, and enlightenment. Her enchanting pathways are intentioned to anchor you in the frequency of love and guide you towards your highest vibrational state.

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Katie McLean

Light Vocalist, Spiritual Messenger, Shamanic Healer, 
& Divine Feminine Mentor.

Behold the willful tale of Katie, a seeker of the cosmos, her heart ablaze with the notion that all can attain a heightened state of spiritual enlightenment. She is a guardian of the arcane arts, offering her wisdom and healing touch to women, guiding them to their destined path. Her focus lies with the delicate balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, woven with the threads of wholeness and aloneness, all in pursuit of self-mastery in every facet of existence. With her unique blend of spiritual prowess and practical wisdom, Katie offers her clients a journey of transformation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. Embrace the magic of her ways and join her on the path to spiritual ascension.

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Labeling what Katie does is impossible, it's a mind blowing, soul activating, life-changing event. Her Ethereal sessions, powerful amulets and sigils have changed my life, facilitating beautiful growth in my business and myself, enabling me to release what was no longer serving me, and step into my sovereign self.

Louise Humphreys,

The Ethereal Team

The wondrous women assisting Katie in the mystical bee hive of Ethereal Sanctum.


Rebecca McDonald

Bookings & Cocoon Schedules

Beautiful Bek has got your back when it comes to booking your private sessions, fixing up your Ethereal Cocoon schedule, and tackling any virtual session link glitches.

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Samantha J Love

Groups, Gathering's & Classes 

If you're looking for the lowdown on our gatherings and classes, look no further than our Soulful Sammy. She's the gatekeeper to all the info, tickets and virtual event links you'll need.

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Rachael Ellis

Dollars, Cents & Pricing Plans

Radient Rach is your go-to-girl for questions about your Ethereal payments or pricing plan balance,including redeeming sessions from your bundles and plans.

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Ethereal Offerings


Katie's got a treasure trove of spiritual offerings up her sleeve, from shamanic healing and spiritual readings to women's gatherings, 13 moon cocoons, creative pathways, rituals, and magical products.

2024 Cocoons

Sessions, Classes & Community

Coming Up Next in the Sisters of Asta


Join the Sisters of Asta Mystic Maker Gatherings and Wheel of the Year Rituals for a chance to unleash your spiritual creativity. Katie's gatherings cater to both small, cozy groups and larger, more adventurous gatherings.  Each event is carefully designed to offer a welcoming and secure space for spiritual seekers to connect with like-minded souls and deepen their practice. Embrace the chance to explore your spirituality in a fun and supportive environment!

Macramé as an Art Therapy Activity: Mystic Maker Gathering
Macramé as an Art Therapy Activity: Mystic Maker Gathering
Jan 28, 2024, 11:00 AM GMT+11

Sage Feather Spiritual Jewellery

Venture into the realm of Katie's Sage Feather jewelry collection, and behold the magic of each unique piece, where recycled and new materials are woven together in a tapestry that is both spellbinding and mindful of Mother Earth. Every gem is a masterpiece of enchantment and a reflection of your own journey, each bestowed with spiritual messages that resonate with the very essence of your being. The touch of love and care is evident in every curve and contour of these OOAK treasures, where attention to detail is key and positive energy flows through every fiber. With each Sage Feather piece, you are enveloping yourself in a world of wonder and magic.

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Ahkei Shahar Products

With a touch of wonder, Katie harnesses threads of energy, weaving them into unique symbols of power, known as Sigils. As an energy healer, spiritual guide, and intuitive artist, Katie guides and heals with the aid of these enchanting creations. By tapping into their magic, you too can experience the hidden wellspring of Sigils to discover and unlock higher potentials.

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Commission Katie

Commission Katie

Katie has a passion for fashioning custom amulets, sigils, and energy signature logos for lightworkers. What makes her practice shine is her ability to tap into your energy and create pieces that are unique to your soul and purpose.