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A Spiritual Pathway with Katie 

Explore the mystical world of Katie McLean's Captivating Offerings

This unique space combines different realms to create a haven for spiritual growth. Enter the Ethereal Sanctum and experience transformative sessions of readings, healings, and massages. Immerse yourself in 13 moon cocoons and alchemical sigils, all orchestrated by Katie to unveil the cryptic cosmic codes. For those in search of ethereal jewellery, Sage Feather presents a collection of mystical amulets inspired by otherworldly allure crafted by Katie using repurposed treasures and locally sourced artisan materials.  Delving into the realms of tranquility and esoteric wisdom? The Helenic Temple stands as a beacon of community, offering a serene path towards self-discovery and inner peace through various sacred retreats, arcane clubs and wisdom days. 

Readings, Healings & Massage

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Ethereal Sanctum

Explore Shamanism, Delve into Readings and the Art of Massage

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Sage Feather

Discover Katie's Enchanted Amulets in a Realm Where Spirituality Meets Wearable Art

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The Helenic Temple

Wander into a Mystery School, and Spiritual Retreats on a New Earth Trail.

Get to Know Katie

Light Vocalist & Creatrix, Seer, Wayshower & Shamanic Healer.

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