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Find Tranquility and Renewal at The Helenic Temple

Reveal the luminescence of the Sacred Feminine through The Helenic Temple. Our sanctuaries are crafted to illuminate the path towards a life harmonized with purpose and equilibrium. Spanning across Australia and beyond, these retreats offer a sanctuary where souls unite, embracing the vibrations of the Emerging Earth. Should you yearn to enrich your spiritual odyssey and connect with a fellowship honoring the divine feminine, venture forth and partake in the enchantment of our retreats.

The Tale of the Helenic Temple

The Helenic Temple was founded by Katie McLean from Ethereal Sanctum and Julie Ryswyk from Vibrational Harmony Studio to honor their beautiful and courageous friend Helen Hunter and her healing journey. Katie channelled the name "Helenic." Upon discovering that "Helen" in Greek signifies "torch or light," and "Nic," an abbreviation of the Greek name Nicholas, means "Victory of the people," she and Julie both loved how fitting it was for the name of a New Earth endeavor.Their vision is to create a sacred space for women to connect with the divine feminine, ensuring that healing therapies and a supportive community are accessible to all women, regardless of their means. They aspire to establish a lasting tribute to Helen on a serene piece of land. While this dream is being realized, the sanctuary will be offered through a series of mobile retreats. Katie and Julie are deeply dedicated to authentic healing practices rooted in the light of Christ and the essence of love.

Image by Eric Muhr

Envisioning the Mysteries of a Helenic Temple Sanctuary

A Sacred Space You Will Love


Energy Healing Sessions

Bask in individual and group healing sessions which incorporate shamanism, light language, hands-on energy transfer, chanting and sound healing techniques to enhance holistic wellbeing.


Yoga Nidra, 
Guided Visualisations and Movement Meditation

Rebalance Your Energy and Awaken Your Intuition with Group Meditation Sessions and Shamanic Visualizations. Delve into the practice of Yoga Nidra to seamlessly transition between wakefulness and sleep, aiding your body in finding its natural balance. Engage in movement meditation to boost physical health and enhance mental well-being.


Creative Ventures

Weaving, candle making, sigil art, vibrational essences, amulets, and numerous other opportunities to nurture your inner Creatrix within a supportive sacred women's circle.


Pranayama, the yogic practice of focusing on breath

Practice breath regulation as a beneficial exercise for both physical and mental well-being. In Sanskrit, "prana" signifies life energy, and "yama" means control. By practicing Pranayama, you can soothe the nervous system, enhancing your stress management. This practice can enhance sleep quality, promote mindfulness, lower blood pressure, and improve lung function.


Communal Vegetarian & Vegan Meal Preparation 

Work with organic ingredients and cook in a peaceful environment that nourishes your body. Explore new vegetarian and vegan dishes and adopt the practice of mindful cooking, infusing your food with positive energy for your holistic wellness.


I would love to know more about The Helenic Temple opportunities.

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