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Ethereal Sanctum

Anchoring the Way of Love with Katie McLean

The celestial motion of the universe will always beckon you towards a path of enlightenment. With Katie McLean's Ethereal Sanctum offerings, you can explore  mystical artistry intended to lead you towards a realm of clarity, healing, and enlightenment. Her enchanting pathways are intentioned to anchor you in the frequency of love and guide you towards your highest vibrational state.

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Katie McLean
Katie McLean

Light Vocalist & Creatrix, Seer, Wayshower & Shamanic Healer

Behold the willful tale of Katie, a seeker of the cosmos, her heart ablaze with the notion that all can attain a heightened state of spiritual enlightenment. She is a guardian of the arcane arts, offering her wisdom and healing touch to her ethereal community, guiding them to their destined path. Her focus lies in pursuit of self-mastery in every facet of existence. With her unique blend of spiritual prowess and practical wisdom, Katie offers her clients a journey of transformation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. Embrace the magic of her ways and join her on the path to spiritual ascension.

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The Word

Labeling what Katie does is impossible, it's a mind blowing, soul activating, life-changing event. Her Ethereal sessions, powerful amulets and sigils have changed my life, facilitating beautiful growth in my business and myself, enabling me to release what was no longer serving me, and step into my sovereign self.

Dear Katie, I would like to especially thank you for taking me under your wing and changing my life forever in the most positive way. You have inspired me to change my life for the better and learn to love myself unconditionally, improving my self esteem and helping me understand what healing a person is all about. I feel  blessed, grateful and glad I will be with you next year for the next phase in my healing process.

I love you, honour you & thank you.

Helen Hunter

Ethereal Offerings


Katie's got a treasure trove of spiritual offerings up her sleeve, from shamanic healing, spiritual reading, and massage sessions to 13 moon cocoons.

Book an Appointment

Are you ready to embark on an Ethereal Session journey with Katie? To secure your spot, Katie asks for a 25%  booking fee. This is non-refundable but guarantees your place. The remainder of your balance will be due just 24 hours before your session date.


Get in touch with Bek, Katie's trusted ally and all-round precious person, to schedule your Ethereal Session.

In the heart of Metropolitan Melbourne, Katie offers enriching face-to-face sessions. For those who prefer the comfort of their own space, she provides online services for all offerings, with the exception of her Spiritual Massage.

Ethereal Products

With a touch of wonder, Katie harnesses threads of energy, weaving them into unique symbols of power, known as Sigils.

As an energy healer, spiritual guide, and intuitive artist, Katie guides and heals with the aid of these enchanted creations. By tapping into their magic, you too can experience the hidden wellspring of Sigils and Aromatherapy to discover and unlock wellbeing and higher potentials.

Get in Touch

Katie encourages any inquiries regarding her Ethereal offerings

If you have questions or wish to discover more about what she offers, feel free to reach out to her today. Katie is committed to assisting individuals in recognizing their full potential. Connect with her to establish a supportive environment for exploring and awakening your inner strength, power, and wisdom. By joining Katie and her Ethereal community, you can initiate positive transformations that will enhance joy, fulfillment, and connection in your life.

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Glenroy Victoria Australia 

+ 61 478 535 637

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



11:00 am – 3:00 pm

11:00 am – 1:00 pm


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