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In the starry depths of Sanskrit, the name Tara gleams with a promise of celestial radiance. As tiny stars illuminate the vast expanse of the universe, forgiveness too can light up the depths of your soul. Yet the true essence of forgiveness is not merely a path to liberation, but a gateway to oneness - a shimmering portal of unconditional love and compassion. Forgiveness demands courage. It requires unlocking the doors to new pathways, stepping beyond the veil of judgment and embracing a new perspective. It's an opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes, extending compassion to those wrestling with their inner demons, driven by unhealed wounds. Forgiveness is the key to unlocking valuable lessons and growing from experiences, an act of service to humanity. It beckons us to reach for the higher consciousness of unconditional love, paving the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Stella Tara Sigil Poster

  • Glossy Finish; coated paper with a semi glossy, smooth surface.

    A3 size (29.7 x 42cm)



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