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Amidst the celestial symphonies, the Lion's Gate unfurls its splendor on the eighth day of August, every year. As the radiant star Sirius aligns with Earth, the luminous Sun of Leo adds its virtuosity to this cosmic ballet. This harmonious alignment uncovers a portal to a realm of higher consciousness, beyond the veil of mundane reality. Earth's "spiritual Sun," Sirius, illuminates the depths of our souls, revealing the boundless potential and timeless essence within us. This cosmic convergence unleashes a deluge of energy, reminding us of our innate power and limitless nature. To harness this energy, one must tread the path of the present, unburdened by the shackles of the past or the veil of the future. Embodying your highest essence in the present moment is the key to unlocking the gateway with empowered confidence. Sirius, the bright shining star, beckons us to glimpse beyond our current realm of belief and expand our perspectives. Release self-limiting beliefs and unleash your full potential, as you embark on a journey of cosmic transcendence.

Lionsgate Sigil Poster

  • Glossy Finish; coated paper with a semi glossy, smooth surface.

    A3 size (29.7 x 42cm)



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