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Find Tranquility and Renewal at The Helenic Temple

Unveil New Earth and the brilliance of the Sacred Feminine at The Hellenic Temple. Our sacred offerings are designed to light the way to a life aligned with purpose and balance. Join our retreats, wisdom days, and mystical gatherings that provide a haven for souls to come together, embracing the energies of the Emerging Earth. If you seek to enhance your spiritual journey and engage with a community that is inspired by wisdom and creativity, step into the enchanting realm of our offerings.

Temple Retreats - Wisdom Days - Tarot Tale Society

The Tale of the Helenic Temple

The Helenic Temple was founded by Katie McLean from Ethereal Sanctum and Julie Ryswyk from Vibrational Harmony Studio  Katie channelled the name "Helenic." Upon discovering that "Helen" in Greek signifies "torch or light," and "Nic," an abbreviation of the Greek name Nicholas, means "Victory of the people," she and Julie both loved how fitting it was for the name of a New Earth endeavor. Their vision is to create a sacred space for connection and  to ensure that healing therapies and a supportive community are accessible to all souls, regardless of their means. Katie and Julie are both deeply dedicated to authentic healing practices and teachings rooted in Christ Consciousness and the Way of Love. 

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Envisioning the Mysteries of a Helenic Temple Retreat

A Sacred Space You Will Love


Energy Healing Sessions

Bask in individual and group healing sessions which incorporate shamanism, light language, hands-on energy transfer, chanting and sound healing techniques to enhance holistic wellbeing.


Yoga Nidra, 
Guided Visualisations and Movement Meditation

Rebalance Your Energy and Awaken Your Intuition with Group Meditation Sessions and Shamanic Visualizations. Delve into the practice of Yoga Nidra to seamlessly transition between wakefulness and sleep, aiding your body in finding its natural balance. Engage in movement meditation to boost physical health and enhance mental well-being.


Creative Ventures

Weaving, candle making, sigil art, vibrational essences, amulets, and numerous other opportunities to nurture your inner Creatrix within a supportive sacred women's circle.


Pranayama, the yogic practice of focusing on breath

Practice breath regulation as a beneficial exercise for both physical and mental well-being. In Sanskrit, "prana" signifies life energy, and "yama" means control. By practicing Pranayama, you can soothe the nervous system, enhancing your stress management. This practice can enhance sleep quality, promote mindfulness, lower blood pressure, and improve lung function.


Communal Vegetarian & Vegan Meal Preparation 

Work with organic ingredients and cook in a peaceful environment that nourishes your body. Explore new vegetarian and vegan dishes and adopt the practice of mindful cooking, infusing your food with positive energy for your holistic wellness.

Wisdom Days

  • Tarot Tales
    Tarot Tales
    Sun, Jul 07
    Virtual Event
    Jul 07, 2024, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Virtual Event
    Let's go on a pathway of self-discovery through personal storytelling! Learn Tarot for self enquiry and receive an invitation to join our Tarot Society for monthly forecasting gatherings online.

Tarot Tale Society

The Helenic Temples Tarot Tale Society offers a platform for exploring the ancient mystical art of divination. Members gather monthly to conduct personal tarot readings for the upcoming month and review the accuracy of their past readings.


Each Society gathering commences with a short Yoga Nidra to open sacred space led by Julie before entering the mystery of divination with Tarot and journaling guided by Katie This practice promotes mindfulness, relaxation, ritualistic introspection, improves tarot skills, and resembles a monthly spiritual mentoring session within a friendly community of open-hearted souls. 


All levels of Tarotists are welcome, even the wisdom seeker who has never known the delight of a Tarot reading!

Treasures to Bring For Your Tarot Tale Adventure

Image by Jordan Bigelow

Meditation Blanket

During our Yoga Nidra practice, having a meditation blanket can enhance your comfort and overall experience. The blanket provides a feeling of warmth and security, helping you relax and let go of any tension or stress. So, remember to bring your meditation blanket and prepare for a journey of peace and tranquility.

Image by Cloris Ying

Journaling Equipment

As you immerse yourself into deep introspection,having a writing journal that sinspires you is essential. Consider it a companion waiting to be filled with your thoughts, ideas, and musings on this journey of self-expression and discovery. You can check out our selection of journals for sale at Helenic Temple during the gathering.

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Rider Waite Tarot Deck

We divinate with the iconic  Rider Waite Tarot Deck, first published in 1910. Why? Because it is rich in symbolism and imagery, making it a versatile tool for accessing your intuition and exploring the depths of your subconscious mind. We have Rider Waite decks available for purchase during the gathering.

Tarot Tale Society
Tarot Tale Society
Multiple Dates
Jun 30, 2024, 1:00 PM
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I would love to know more about The Helenic Temple opportunities.

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