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What Katie's Clients Say

I love to cocreate higher vibrational states with my clients! The way they feel after our energy exchange is super special to me. Not only is it beautiful to share in their illumination and expansion, it's also the flow on which contributes to the collective  ascension of Gaia and humanity. - Katie

"Hi Katie, I would just like to tell you and this is no bs, the reading you gave me today was the best I've ever had. Over the years I've had alot of readings but I've walked away disappointed, but today you changed that for me. I'll definitely be recommending you to everyone. Many thanx from your newest fan!!!"


"Thank you for the wonderful experience and so spot on...


"Katie McLean thank you for this wonderful experience, I wasn't sure what to expect after our Reiki session but I feel this sense of calmness - and present. I feel really present and grounded and...lighter. Thank you. The experience was wonderful, you are wonderful and being new to Reiki, thank you for the way you explained and walked through everything. Just amazing."


"I received a Magikal Reading from Katie, filled with Joy and insight, and a couple of hard to swallow truths, that helped me rebalance...I resonate deeply with Katie and fully recommend her. She has so much to offer and really comes from the right heart/soul place (which is always most important for me) ... and she's friendly and very funny...”

Sharren Jeffries

"Whenever I have had a reading with Katie it’s just like having a chat with someone who has known me for my whole life. She is very down to earth and makes me feel comfortable and I am always blown away by her accuracy, she is always spot on. I would highly recommend a reading with Katie."


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